Grass Cutting

Regular grass cutting is crucial to achieve healthy grass. There are a few tips to correct cutting however:

 Regular grass cutting; don’t wait for your lawn to get too long.

 Don’t cut the lawn too short – never cut less than one inch. Cutting the lawn too short or can lead to moss infestation and weeds occurring, therefore using the highest setting on your lawnmower is highly recommended.

 Cut your lawn once per week, cutting less than this can result in the grass dying off and bare patches forming which in turn leads to weeds and moss infestation.

 If the grass is too long, don’t cut it down too much in one go, cut it twice.

 Use the box on your lawn mower or rake the clippings off your lawn as leaving them can make the lawn more susceptible to diseases.

 Ensure the blades of the lawn mower are sharp and try to cut in different directions each time you cut.

Composting Cuttings

You can use clippings from a Lawn King treated lawn in your compost heap; however it should be allowed to mulch down for at least six months before it’s perfect to use.