Lawn Diseases

Fairy Rings

  • There are several types of fairy rings – most are not harmful, just unsightly.
  • A well-fed lawn can mask the evidence of an un-harmful fairy rings.
  • A grade one fairy ring is a problem disease and control is difficult – usually the removal of the lawn and re-turfing is the only remedy.
  • Good feeding, scarification and aeration can prevent their occurrence.


Mushrooms / Toadstools

  • Toadstools are not harmful to the lawn (unlike fairy rings).
  • Long periods of rainy weather may lead to the growth of mushrooms in your lawn.
  • To remove, hand pick the heads away wearing gloves and brush the area with a besom broom to prevent sporing which leads to infestation.



  • Red-thread shows as light brown spots on the turf which have a reddish appearance.
  • It is a fungal disease and occurs mostly during or after very wet weather usually during the Summer and Autumn months.
  • Regular Lawn King treatments as well as annual scarification and aeration can help prevent the occurrence of red-thread.



  • Lichens thrive in poorly drained lawns and are often found under the shade of over-hanging trees.
  • Lichen appears as a blackish leaf-like structure that grows through turf.
  • Aerating the lawn each winter helps with surface drainage.
  • Fusarium Patch / Snow Mould
  • This becomes apparent in Autumn and Spring where brown patches appear with the edges covered in pink or white mould.
  • It can be found particularly on poorly drained lawns. It is sometimes very noticeable after snow thaws. Annual aeration can help with this problem as it helps relieve compaction.